6 Benefits for using an employee punch clock app

7 December 2021

6 Benefits for using punch clock

Within many companies, time registration is still done via an overflowing Excel file, or perhaps employees submit time sheets themselves which are entered manually in an overview. In these "old-fashioned" ways, time registration remains a time-consuming and error-prone task.

Are your employees accurate in passing on hours? Do you register the received hours accurately and clearly? Do you have the option to convert employee data into reports that can be used to optimize work schedules and labor costs? Having your employees clock in and out can help improve your business processes. In this blog we have listed 6 reasons why entering a time clock for your company can make a difference.

1. Save time for important things
As an entrepreneur, all you want to busy with is entrepreneurship: improving, expanding and growing your idea to reach the ultimate goal. Practical matters such as registering hours are, although very important, things that you would rather spend as little valuable time on as possible. By opting for the punch clock you give a part of the responsibility to the employees and the other tasks are almost completely carried out by the online system. Nice piece of time management! (Which means you might finally find time for that well-deserved vacation)

2. Attention to customers
As a company you want to spend as much time as possible on customer satisfaction. Clear time registration means insight into the times that are being worked on and therefore spent on customers. Follow which project takes the most time, which teams might earn a little more time and ensure a good distribution of the available working hours.

"When I switched from time registration in an Excel sheet to online clocking of employees, I immediately had time for matters that are really important to me." - Sanne, HR manager.

3. Complete control over working hours
If you can check how many working hours there are on a daily basis for each department or activity, you have complete control over the distribution of these hours, employees and valuable overtime. On the basis of real-time clock information you can take decisions in hiring more staff, scaling down staff or distributing the total number of hours more fairly.
The exact return of start, break and end times per employee can also be a good way to check productivity and distribution.

4. Eliminate the human element
Although this seems to be somewhat hard at first glance, in practice it appears that human errors are practically unavoidable. The registration of hours is an error-prone task on both the side of the employees and the person that is responsible. For example, fraud, human error or carelessness are unfortunately things that should always be taken into account. By having the majority of the registration done by an online system, you eliminate many of the risks so that you can ultimately ensure a straightforward policy where the human element has virtually disappeared.

5. Real-time view of your employee data
Who is at work when I am not present? Was someone in the morning shift too late? Who closes the office if I have an appointment on location? By using online clocks you can look into which employees have been clocked in, how many hours are being worked and whether the occupation is sufficient from any location in real-time. Based on this information, you are no longer dependent on time sheets and trust in employees, but you can take immediate action if something goes wrong. Decrease when it is quiet or deploy more employees if the occupation is too low. Keep control of the company even from your home, on vacation or during a trade show.

6. A cost-conscious salary policy
On the basis of an online clock system you can fully manage your salary costs. Never too much, too little, too expensive or the wrong employees on location because you have insight throughout the day and can switch immediately when needed. Link the wage costs per employee and see how high the wage costs are per hour.

7. Clear reports
When hours are specifically registered, this automatically translates into specific and valuable reports. No more 'guesses' about upcoming wage costs or required hours, but a clear and realistic picture of the business processes. Specific working hours, break times as well as insight into absence and illness. Ensure smoothly running time registration and eventual staff planning. Straightforward and honest so that employees always know where they stand, no room for human error, cost awareness and a lot less repetitive work. In short, only benefits!

Curious about the possibilities for your company? Start clocking today!