12 Best Restaurant Payroll Software for Small Businesses

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When it comes to restaurant management, staying ahead requires a seamless blend of culinary expertise and operational efficiency. For small businesses in the bustling hospitality industry, the importance of streamlined payroll processing cannot be overstated.

With the right restaurant payroll services, restaurant owners can free themselves from the time-consuming intricacies of payroll management, allowing them to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional dining experiences.

In this article, we explore the top 12 restaurant payroll software options for small businesses. From user-friendly interfaces to robust features designed with the complexities of the food industry in mind, these payroll providers are set to transform the way small restaurants approach payroll management.

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Payroll Software

When selecting the best restaurant payroll software, look for the following key features:

1. Employee Information Management:Payroll software should store and organize essential employee details such as personal information, tax withholding allowances, and banking details.

2. Automated Calculations:The software should automate the calculation of salaries, wages, overtime, and deductions based on predefined rules and regulations. This helps reduce errors and ensures accurate and timely payments.

3. Tax Compliance: Payroll software should come equipped with automatic payroll tax calculations and reporting features, helping businesses stay compliant with local, state, and federal tax regulations. This includes the calculation and submission of income taxes, Social Security contributions, and other relevant deductions.

4. Direct Deposit and Payment Processing: The best payroll system should facilitate direct deposit, allowing businesses to transfer employee wages directly into their bank accounts. This not only saves time but also enhances security.

5. Time and Attendance Tracking: Integrated time and attendance features help monitor employees' work hours, allowing for accurate calculation of overtime and facilitating adherence to labor laws.

6. Self-Service Portals: The best overall payroll software should include self-service portals, enabling employees to access and manage their pay stubs, tax forms, and other relevant information.

7. Compliance Management: Payroll systems should assist in managing compliance with labor laws and regulations, helping businesses avoid legal issues related to payroll practices.

8. Reporting and Analytics: Robust reporting features allow businesses to generate various payroll-related reports, helping in financial analysis and decision-making.

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Why Do You Need a Payroll Software for Restaurants?

Implementing a specialized payroll software for restaurants is essential for several reasons, each contributing to the overall efficiency and success of your business. Here are some compelling reasons why a dedicated payroll software is crucial for restaurants:

  • Accuracy in Wage Calculations: Restaurant payroll software automates wage calculations, ensuring accuracy in complex pay structures that may involve hourly rates, tips, overtime, and bonuses. The automated payroll processing reduces the risk of errors associated with manual calculations, promoting fairness in compensation.

  • Time Savings: The restaurant industry operates in a fast-paced environment where time is of the essence. Payroll software automates repetitive tasks, such as calculating hours worked and processing payments, saving considerable time for restaurant managers and staff.

  • Tax Compliance: Tax regulations in the hospitality industry can be intricate, with specific rules related to tips, gratuities, and other forms of compensation. Payroll software helps ensure compliance with tax laws, reducing the likelihood of errors that could lead to financial penalties.

  • Efficient Tip Management: Many restaurant payroll solutions include features for managing tips and gratuities. This ensures that tips are accurately distributed among staff, recorded for tax purposes, and compliant with labor laws.

  • Employee Scheduling Integration: Integration with employee scheduling systems allows for seamless tracking of hours worked, making it easier to manage labor costs and ensure compliance with labor regulations, such as overtime rules.

  • Enhanced Security with Direct Deposit: Payroll software often supports direct deposit, providing a secure and efficient method to pay employees. This eliminates the need for physical checks, reducing the risk of lost or stolen payments.

  • Customization for Restaurant Needs: Dedicated restaurant payroll software is designed to address the specific needs of the industry, accounting for factors like tip reporting, variable work hours, and compliance with labor laws unique to the hospitality sector.

  • Streamlined Record-Keeping: Payroll software helps maintain organized and easily accessible records, simplifying audits and ensuring that all necessary documentation is readily available for regulatory compliance.

Top 12 Best Payroll Software for Restaurants

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Here are our picks for the most popular payroll software for restaurants:

1. SurePayroll

SurePayroll is a user-friendly payroll software, providing a seamless solution for payroll processing and tax filing. With its intuitive interface, SurePayroll simplifies complex financial tasks, making it accessible for users without extensive accounting backgrounds. Businesses can rely on SurePayroll for accurate and efficient payroll management, allowing them to focus on core operations.

Pro's  Con's
User-friendly interface Limited customization options
Online and mobile payroll access May lack advanced HR features
Integration with accounting software  


2. Square Payroll

Square Payroll is designed with small businesses in mind, offering a straightforward and integrated solution for payroll processing. Seamlessly connecting with Square Point of Sale, the software automates payroll calculations and tax filing, providing a cohesive platform for businesses seeking simplicity in financial management.

Pro's Con's
Seamless integration with Square Point of Sale May lack advanced HR features
User-friendly for small businesses Limited scalability for larger businesses
Transparent pricing  


3. Gusto

Gusto goes beyond traditional payroll services, presenting a comprehensive platform that encompasses payroll processing, employee benefits administration, and additional HR features. With a user-friendly interface, Gusto is designed to simplify workforce management for businesses of all sizes.

Pro's Con's
Intuitive interface Pricing can be higher for advanced features
Robust HR features Some users report occasional glitches
Employee self-service capabilities  


4. ADP Run

ADP Run stands out as a full-service payroll and HR solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. With a robust suite of features, including extensive HR functionalities and scalability, ADP Run provides a comprehensive platform for workforce management. While its features cater to larger enterprises, its user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for businesses of varying sizes.

Pro's Con's
Scalable for businesses of all sizes Higher pricing for additional features
Comprehensive HR features Complexity may be overwhelming for very small businesses
Integration capabilities  


5. Toast Payroll

Toast Payroll is a specialized solution crafted specifically for the restaurant industry, offering features like tip management and seamless integration with the Toast POS system. This tailored approach ensures that restaurants can efficiently handle their unique payroll requirements, including variable income streams such as tips.

Pro's Con's
Tailored for restaurant needs Limited scalability
Seamless integration with Toast POS May lack some advanced HR features
Employee self-service features  


6. OnPay

OnPay positions itself as an affordable payroll software, catering to the needs of smaller businesses. With features such as payroll taxes filing, OnPay provides a straightforward platform for efficient financial management. Its cost-effective nature makes it an attractive choice for small enterprises seeking a reliable solution without the complexity often associated with larger payroll software.

Pro's Con's
Affordable pricing May lack advanced HR features
User-friendly interface Not suitable for larger businesses
Excellent customer support  


7. Homebase Payroll

Homebase Payroll distinguishes itself by integrating time and attendance tracking with payroll processing, providing a holistic solution for small businesses. With features like integrated employee management tools and affordability, it caters specifically to the needs of smaller enterprises seeking an integrated solution.

Pro's Con's
Integrated employee management tools Limited scalability
Affordable pricing Some users report occasional glitches
User-friendly for small businesses  


8. QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll seamlessly extends the capabilities of the widely-used QuickBooks accounting software, offering an integrated solution for payroll processing and tax calculations. With its user-friendly interface and scalability, QuickBooks Payroll provides businesses with a cohesive platform for financial management.

Pro's Con's
Seamless integration with QuickBooks Additional costs for advanced features
User-friendly interface Some users report customer service issues
Scalable for small to medium-sized businesses  

9. PayChex

PayChex offers full-service payroll and HR functionalities. With scalability and a focus on extensive HR features, PayChex caters to businesses of all sizes, providing a robust platform for workforce management. Dedicated customer support further enhances the user experience, ensuring businesses receive the assistance needed to navigate the complexities of payroll and HR processes.

Pro's Con's
Scalable for businesses of all sizes Higher pricing for additional features
Comprehensive HR features Some users report a learning curve
Dedicated customer support  


10. Paycor

Paycor stands out as a comprehensive solution, combining payroll processing, tax services, time and attendance tracking, and employee benefits administration. Positioned as a scalable platform with robust HR features, Paycor caters to businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly interface enhances accessibility, offering businesses a versatile platform for efficient workforce management.

Pro's Con's
Scalable for businesses of all sizes Pricing may be higher for additional features
Robust HR features Some users report occasional system glitches
User-friendly interface  


11. BambooHR

BambooHR primarily serves as an HR management system with integrated payroll features. Offering time tracking and an employee self-service portal, BambooHR provides a comprehensive and customizable solution for businesses prioritizing HR management.

Pro's Con's
Comprehensive HR features May lack some advanced payroll features
User-friendly interface Pricing may be higher for additional modules
Customizable to fit various business needs  


12. Netchex

Netchex positions itself as a scalable solution offering payroll processing, tax services, and time and attendance tracking, coupled with comprehensive HR features. With a user-friendly interface, Netchex caters to businesses of various sizes, providing seamless integration of payroll and HR functions.

Pro's Con's
Scalable for businesses of all sizes Higher pricing for additional features
Comprehensive HR features Some users report occasional system glitches
User-friendly interface  


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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right payroll software is paramount for small businesses, and each option presented here brings unique strengths to the table. Whether it's the simplicity of SurePayroll, the industry focus of Toast Payroll, or the comprehensive features of Gusto, there's a solution for every need.

No matter which restaurant payroll software you choose, Shiftbase integrates seamlessly with HRM functions. Try our free 14-day demo to streamline your workforce management today!

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