Digitalization as a Game Changer: Anthony Hotel's success story with Shiftbase and Personio

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    Margot van Geldere

Anthony Hotel, an independent hotel, faced a significant challenge in their administrative processes. With employment contracts in Word and personal data in Excel, the need for modernization was clear. Margot van Geldere, Talent & Culture Manager since March 2023, took on the task of reviewing the entire HR spectrum.

The Challenge - inefficient personnel administration

Manually drawing up contracts was time-consuming and inefficient, especially with many students and temporary workers. After the monthly confrontation with these inefficient processes, it was time for change. This led to the need for digitalization, both in roster management and contract management.

The system used for planning was basically a Kitchen Manager. This system hindered reporting and working methods. It was prone to errors and fraud and took a tremendous amount of time. 

The most time-consuming and complex aspect is onboarding new staff. It is essential to maintain accurate records, including archiving and keeping up to date copies of bank cards, identity cards, payroll tax forms and contracts. Previously, this process was done entirely via Excel, which required manual tracking of which documents were outdated and needed to be updated.

The Solution: Shiftbase & Personio

The search for a suitable solution led Margot to Personio and then to Shiftbase. This combination provided seamless integration between employee data, time tracking , workforce planning and contract management . With these systems, the hotel reduced the monthly time spent on hours checking from a whole day to just half an hour. This efficiency benefit was significant.

The Results - streamlined workforce management

The results speak for themselves:

  • Time savings : From 3 hours to 1 hour per week for time registration and control.
  • Costs : Transparency in monthly costs per employee, cheaper than the previous system.
  • Accuracy : An increase to 100% accuracy in administration.
  • Employee satisfaction : An increase from a 6 to an 8.
  • Simplified reporting : Easily create and view reports. No more complex Excel formulas, but direct and clear insights.

'The integration of Shiftbase and Personio has not only improved our efficiency, but also the satisfaction of our team. It has been a real game changer.' - Margot van Geldere, Talent & Culture Manager

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