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About this template

A clear and detailed job description is essential for successful recruitment. This template focuses on key elements such as job responsibilities, skills, and team collaboration to help you create effective descriptions.

With example texts and formulation aids, the template is intended to help you create a job description that not only precisely defines the role, but also presents your company as an attractive employer.

The Importance of Job Descriptions

A Job Description is important part of labor law. It not only serves to ensure clarity and transparency in the employment relationship , but is also important from a legal perspective. A precise job description helps avoid misunderstandings regarding roles and responsibilities and can serve as a reference point in employment disputes. Companies are therefore required to provide a detailed description for each position in order to provide both employees and employers with clarity about the respective expectations and responsibilities.

Contents of a job description

A typical job description covers several key areas:

  1. Job title and classification in the company : The position is presented here in the context of the company.
  2. Duties and Responsibilities : This section details the day-to-day duties and overall responsibilities of the position.
  3. Objectives of the position : Definition of the specific objectives and expectations associated with the position. These can include performance goals, contribution to the company's success or development prospects within the role.
  4. Collaboration and reporting : Description of collaboration with other departments and the hierarchical structure, including details of superiors and subordinates.
  5. Requirements : Information about the specific requirements of the position, such as required skills, personal characteristics, required training and professional experience. This part may also include information about required certificates or special skills.

Request a job description - possible?

Employees have the right to request a clear and detailed description of their job. This can be particularly important when there is confusion about the role or expectations. A job description can be requested when training new employees , when changing work tasks or when promoting . It serves as a basis for fair evaluations and as a guide for professional development. Employers should therefore be prepared to provide a detailed job description upon request and update it regularly to adapt to changes in the company.

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