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Easy online absence requests and registration

With Shiftbase, you can easily request days off and keep track of vacation hours. By using Shiftbase’s online service, the entire process for absences is automated.

Shiftbase - Absence requests

Absence requests

Employees can submit absence requests, which are automatically forwarded to supervisors through the application. Once an absence request is complete, the employee is informed, and the schedule is updated automatically. The approved time off becomes visible in the work schedule immediately.


Easily create absence requests

Turning in absence requests from within the mobile app


Accumulate vacation hours

Vacation hours are accumulated automatically based on contracted or worked hours. If you prefer to add vacation hours manually, this can be done through a correction. With a correction, you can also enter any initial balance for newly added employees.


Real-time overview of vacation hours

Easily correct vacation hours

Absence requests

Absence requests are easily added via PC or at home using the mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Leave balance

In the mobile app, employees can view their current vacation balance, hours used, and vacation accrual.

Handling requests

Absence requests are received by email or push notification in the mobile app and can be processed immediately.

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Manage all types of absences

There are several standard types of absence to choose from in Shiftbase, such as vacation and sick time. Additional types of absence can be added via the settings page. Each type has a distinct color and icon, so different types of absences are easily distinguishable from each other.

Manage existing types of absence

Add additional types of absence

Set up absence requests per type

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