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Flexible and automatic time and attendance tracking - the management of any absences.

Absence registration

With ShiftBase you can maximize your time as we provide you with the tools you need for accurate time and attendance tracking. Using our software to create and manage your schedules takes the headache out of PTO. The absence overview shows the current holiday hour balance, how much absence is planned to be taken up, and how many hours are left at the end of the contract/year. In addition, the overview shows in which periods holidays are booked and which changes have been made regarding to the hour balance of the employee.

Absence registration

Holiday hour build-up.

Holiday hours are automatically accumulated on the basis of the contract hours or worked hours. If you prefer to add the holiday hours yourself, for example at the start of the year, this is also possible; hours can be added to the total balance of an employee at any time. By means of a correction, the current balance of an employee can also be entered when ShiftBase is put into use.

Holiday hours calculation
Add absence

Leave registration.

With ShiftBase it is possible for employees to make their leave request themselves. The supervisor will be informed and will then assess the request. After the request has been approved, the employee will be notified and the holiday hours will be updated automatically. The absence is also immediately visible in the schedule so that the employee's absence can be taken into account during planning. By default, employees can only apply for vacation. Other types of absence have to be added by a manager.

Types of absence.

There are various absence types available within ShiftBase. For example sickness, vacation, national holiday and maternity leave can all be individually added. Each absence has its own color in the schedule, so that the different types can be quickly distinguished from each other.

Absence options

Absentee report.

Both the accrued holiday hours and the leave registrations per employee can be found in the absence report. You can filter by type, so that an overview can be made of, for example, all sick registrations or vacations. The daily overview is the report that can be used for the remuneration of the employees and states exactly how many holiday hours have been accumulated and when an employee has been absent. The data can be exported to excel or csv format so that it can be imported into an accounting package.

Absence report

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