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If you're fed up with read-only Excel rosters! With our online time tracking software and the online punch clock, working hours can be recorded in different ways. You can use an online timesheet protocol or allow employees to clock in and out of their shifts right from their phones. The different options can even be combined. Time tracking with an online punch clock has several advantages. For example, you can be sure that your employees are actually are on site. With a punch clock you reduce errors and save time, since the working hours do not have to be processed manually. There are various time clock systems available and your employees can stamp with the help of fingerprints or key fobs. In addition, the time recording can be done via GPS data and / or the IP address. This gives you real-time insights into the current labor costs and the hours of your employees.

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Your employees can stamp in different ways: with the help of an online time clock or a time clock terminal. Use the on-site punch clock alone, or in combination with our mobile and web time clock. The registration on a physical punch clock is done through a fingerprint or key fob. The stamped working hours are automatically added to the timesheet and only have to be confirmed by the manager.

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Turn a phone into a time clock and each team member gets their own time clock. They just start the timer via browser, desktop or mobile app. This uncomplicated and digital time recording can be done via GPS data and / or the IP address. With the access rights in the software, you can simply specify whether employees should stamp or not. Ensure employees are in the right place when they are clocking in and out by specifying which locations they are allowed to punch in and out. Otherwise an employee is not permitted to stamp. No more expensive hardware or paper time cards.

Time and Attendance – properly and accurately recorded

Time tracking can be difficult and sometimes confusing.Whether you run a construction business or cleaning company or any other business with field staff, you need to know where your people are so you can properly dispatch team members and get work done. No matter the size of your business, ShiftBase helps you organize your employees' work schedules, reports, absence registration and timesheets. Our clocking-in Systems can be used via the computer, using the free app or an online punch clock. Features such as recording breaks,preventing early clock-ins and forgotten clock-outs are of course part of the detailed time and attendance software. Save countless hours and reduce cost of labor!


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