Time recording using a punch clock

The punch clock has made its comeback. Companies are returning to a modern take on this tried and tested technology that makes registration of hours faster and more accurate.

Time attendance

How does the punch clock work?

Shiftbase’s modern take on the punch clock is a box installed on location with a direct connection to our software via the internet. Our punch clock enables real-time insight into which employees are clocked in and what the current labor costs are. If an employee forgets to clock in or out, their registered hours can always be adjusted manually.

  • Punch clock with ethernet, Wi-Fi, or 3G

  • Punch clock directly connected to Shiftbase

  • Manual adjustments possible

The benefits of a punch clock

  • The simplest way to register hours

  • Less chance of incorrect time registrations

  • Automatic rounding of clock times

  • Clock in and out with a finger-scan or keychain

Shiftbase Timesheet Day
Manual timesheet ShiftBase

Reduce incorrect registrations

Many companies use a paper time sheet to register worked hours. When employees fill in their hours, they are often illegible or incorrect. By using a punch clock, these errors become a thing of the past.

  • Always correct time registration

  • Time registration on paper is a thing of the past

  • Easily export hours to accounting

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Automatic time registration

By using a punch clock, time registration can be fully automated.

Automatically round clock times

Clocked hours can be entered automatically based on the work schedule. When an employee clocks-in before the scheduled time, the start time of the shift is recorded.

Automatic calculation of breaks

The software can automatically calculate breaks. This is based on hours worked or fixed break times. When an employee clocks-out, Shiftbase looks at the number of hours registered and calculates the break time.