With the push of a button, you receive all personnel data and reports

Use one of the many available report features to get an accurate view of scheduled, worked, or approved hours. Easily see what the labor costs are compared to revenue, view hours worked by a department/team, or find any other needed information.

Direct insight into your personnel data

Easy and real-time insight into all your personnel data. With Shiftbase’s extensive filters, you can generate exportable reports tailored exactly to your needs, containing the information that is important to you.

  • Real-time insight

  • Easy to use

  • Extensive filters

  • All reports can be exported

Shiftbase Reports

An overview of all the reports

Shiftbase has several reports, which we have placed in an overview below.


Worked hours



Schedule vs. hours

Plus and minus hours




Shiftbase Reports Filters

Filter reports

All reports have extensive filtering. This way you will only see the information important to you.

Shiftbase Integration

Export data

Export files with all essential information for your bookkeepers, HR, or accountants. All data can be easily exported directly in Excel or CSV file format.

Integration with salary packages

In addition to the export function, Shiftbase also provides integration with various salary packages. This allows direct entry of all data into your salary package. We currently offer integration with the following packages:

  • Nmbrs

  • Exact