Make a schedule in 3 easy steps

Making a schedule is often a time consuming task. Employees send their availability and absence by e-mail which often means you have to switch between Outlook and Excel to make your schedule.

Scheduling a shift

You can make a schedule in the main menu of the software by going to ‘Schedule’. You’ll see a schedule where on the left side you’ll see the names of the employees and at the top you’ll see the dates. When you navigate the cursor past the employees on the day you want to schedule a shift, a plus sign will appear. When you click on the plus sign a new pop-up will appear where you can schedule the shift.

  • Scheduling on the basis of availability and absence

  • Scheduling on the basis of labor costs, budget and expected turnover

Schedule shift

Adding shift details

When you see the add shift pop-up, the employee that is automatically selected is the employee of which you clicked, on the day of choice, past his or her name in the schedule. It is possible to select more then one employee so you can schedule multiple employees at once. After you selected your employees you now select the type of shift that you want to schedule. After selecting the type of shift, the start and end times and breaks are automatically pre-filled to match the selected shift. It is possible to edit the pre-filled start and end times and the breaks of the shift. Next to that, it is also possible to add a description to the shift. This is a common description that is visible to the employee.

  • Easily repeat shifts

  • Plan your employees from a flex pool

The schedule is done

When all the shifts are scheduled, the schedule is ready to be sent to the employees. Potential edits can be made in a later moment of which you can inform your employees individually. With the use of filters you can adjust the information in your schedule.