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Create an employee schedule in 3 simple steps with our schedule maker.

Making a work schedule is often a tedious and time-consuming task. Build a shareable and printable schedule for your college, work and holiday or any other activity with the ShiftBase online schedule maker. Employees have submitted their availability and absence by email and you are constantly switching between Outlook and Excel to schedule the available employees. Creating a schedule with ShiftBase makes this task much faster, easier and because the timesheet software runs online, the employees can easily view their work schedule with the mobile app or on the computer. Below is a three-step description of how easy it is to schedule your employees using ShiftBase.

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Create schedule step 1.

You can start creating a schedule by going to "Schedule" in the main menu of the application. You will see a schedule with the names of the employees on the left a week calender next to it. When you navigate the cursor (mouse) to a day-area behind the employee you want to schedule, an icon with "Add +" appears. When you click on this, a pop-up appears in which you can schedule a shift for the selected employee.

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Create schedule step 2.

When the pop-up for planning a shift appears on the screen, the employee you've chosen in the schedule is automatically selected. It is also possible to select several employees at once, so that you can schedule a shift for multiple employees at the same time. After you have indicated for which employees the shift has to be scheduled, you select the type of shift that is needed. The start and end times are automatically entered as applicable to the selected shift. If needed, it is possible to adjust the standard working hours and the break time. It is also possible to add a description so that you can inform the employee(s) about any shift-specific information.

Create schedule step 3.

The last step in scheduling shifts is optional. In this step we describe how you can repeat a shift for multiple weeks in the future. After you have clicked on "Repeat this shift", the possibilities to repeat the shift appear. You can indicate whether the shift should come back every week, or every 2, 3 etc. weeks. Then you indicate on which days the shift must be repeated. Finally, you indicate how many times the shift must be repeated in the week and up to which date it must be repeated. This way you can easily create a fitting schedule for, for example, the next 2 months. When you leave the last 2 options empty, the shift is scheduled without an end-date. You can always adjust or end the repetition of the shift simply by clicking on it and making the adjustments.


A complete Day, Week or Month schedule in a few easy steps.

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