7 December 2021

Proper time management

Proper time management

The registration of hours worked still raises questions for many companies. Some record the hours worked using an Excel file, others still ask for old-fashioned slips of paper, and still others do it by means of unclear e-mails. The problem with these methods is twofold. On the one hand, it is all quite error-prone, and on the other, it is time-consuming. Time registration with a punch clock is the ideal solution. Below you can read about the biggest advantages of this!

More time for more important matters

You became an entrepreneur to do what you are good at and what you like, and that is not keeping track of the hours. That's just not to say it's not important. It's one of those necessary tasks that you'd prefer not to do, and at the very least as quickly as possible. By having an online tool where employees fill in everything themselves and you can have everything in an overview in no time at all, you'll have more time left over for more important things.

More control on hours

With a good time registration system, you have much more control over the number of hours worked. This applies to the number of hours of an employee, but also for example of a department. It is much easier to assess productivity or to determine whether new staff is needed, for example.

Fewer errors

Because you take away the human point, there will be fewer errors. This sounds a bit silly, but people do make mistakes. In this case, this can occur both on the side of the employees and on the side of the administration. This makes the old-fashioned ways susceptible to errors, as well as fraud or carelessness. You can eliminate these things by automating it.

An overview of who is working

If you have several employees, you and other employees may wonder who is actually working. Who is there when I myself am not present? Is there anyone present at any given time. Can I leave at that time without causing a problem in the office? With online time tracking, you can always see, in real-time, who is there, how many hours they are working and what the occupancy is. You can therefore always adjust this at the times when it is necessary. You are no longer dependent on bills, e-mails or the trust of your employees. Not only that, but you also have a much better overview. For example, if it is quiet and you see that the utilization is high, you can scale down. It offers many advantages for the occupation and how you can adjust this.

It is cost-conscious

A clock system with everything in one overview is very cost-conscious. You can steer very well on labor costs. You do not have too many, too few or too expensive staff. Furthermore, you can adjust throughout the day and every period based on easily available information. The labor costs per hour, per employee or per department are also easy to see.

Running reports with ease

Registering hours properly in a suitable application is also easy to translate into valuable and specific reports. You no longer have to estimate how many payroll costs there are, or how many hours you need. You know everything exactly with a few presses of a button. The business processes are thus made very clear. You also have a clear overview of absence, sick leave and planning. When you communicate this to the employees, you can also show figures to support your arguments.

A good registration of hours therefore only offers advantages for your company!