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    Remi Peeters

Black Label Hospitality, known for its unique and stylish accommodations like Doubletree Sittard and Hotel Valkenburg, strives to provide guests with an unparalleled experience. To fulfill this promise, efficient and effective employee scheduling is essential.

The Situation

Remi Peeters, responsible for Acquisition & Development at Black Label Hospitality, explained that creating schedules and keeping track of staff information was technically and operationally challenging. The old way of working with Excel spreadsheets and manual processing was time-consuming and prone to errors. Moreover, there was a lack of transparency in hours worked, leading to uncertainty and confusion among the staff.

The Solution

The implementation of Shiftbase at Black Label Hospitality has transformed the process of time tracking and staff scheduling. Shiftbase offers a range of features that make scheduling more efficient, including the creation of draft schedules that can be published later. This provides the advantage of better planning and takes the pressure off scheduling.

A key benefit of Shiftbase is its ability to integrate with other systems, such as AFAS and Lightspeed. The link with AFAS has made it easier for management to gain insight into overtime. The connection with Lightspeed supports hotel planning by providing insight into reservations and revenue.

Staff can now clock in via their mobile phones, offering greater flexibility and accuracy in time tracking. Thanks to Shiftbase's geolocation feature, managers can see where clock-ins occur, quickly identifying any errors.

The Results

The implementation of Shiftbase has led to measurable improvements:

  • Savings in payroll administration and scheduling of up to 5 hours per week.
  • Significant reduction in errors in schedules.
  • Improved accuracy in payroll administration.
  • Real-time insight into worked hours and transparency for the staff.
  • Automated and accurate reporting, making all information available in one place.
  • Employees taking more responsibility due to the insights they have.

The implementation of Shiftbase has also led to a change in the role of the HR team. “Before, you had to type everything, now you just need to monitor if everything is correct,” Remi Peeters noted.

The reporting features of Shiftbase made a big impression on Peeters, who described them as ‘the best of Shiftbase’. “You have to try it, but almost everything is possible. You can click around and discover it yourself.”


The switch to Shiftbase has helped Black Label Hospitality achieve a more efficient, transparent, and streamlined staff scheduling and time tracking. The ability to integrate with other systems, user-friendliness, and extensive support have all contributed to the hotel's positive experience with Shiftbase.

"Shiftbase does what it promises and that's what matters to me. In addition, it is also a partner that supports Black Label Hospitality in our growth and development." - Remi Peeters

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