UitzendWerk Direct Increases workforce 8 Times in One Year with employee Scheduling Software

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    Daniël Hop

UitzendWerk Direct (UWD) is an employment agency based in Groningen, The Netherlands, specializing in mediating quality hospitality staff. The company has grown rapidly, expanding from 30 to over 250 employees. Daniël Hop, the founder of UWD, aimed to find a system that would aid in time tracking and employee scheduling for his growing business.

The Situation - Huge Growth

With the establishment of the employment agency, there was a need for an efficient system for managing employees and planning. "We started an employment agency and then looked for a system that could help us. We came across Shiftbase, tried it, and it worked great, so we continued," explains Daniël. Previously, scheduling and onboarding new employees were done via Excel and Google Calendar, which was very unclear and not optimally organized.

Solution - Open Shifts and Open API

Shiftbase provided the perfect solution for UWD. With Shiftbase, UWD can create a team for each client and schedule assignments, allowing everyone to work for each client. "Shiftbase has helped us tremendously. For each client, we create a team and schedule the assignments. Everyone can work for every client," says Daniël. The open shifts are then published, and people can sign up.

Daniël shares his first experience with Shiftbase: "Called for an hour, got all the explanations, and then it was clear. We mainly needed the API. We got good support for that." UWD uses various integrations via Shiftbase's open API. "Everyone who signs up via the website comes into a team that does not yet have a contract. We are also working on a page on the website to list all open shifts. We made this ourselves with the open API of Shiftbase. The reports we pull from Shiftbase are now very comprehensive."

Results - Streamlined Growth

The implementation of Shiftbase has yielded impressive results for UWD:

  • Scalability: UitzendWerk Direct has improved scalability. This year's revenue is 5 times higher than last year, and the company now has seven times as many employees.
  • Time Savings: Using Shiftbase, there is a 50% time saving in scheduling, given the current number of employees.
  • Skill Management: Open shifts are only shown to employees with the right skills who are also in the right team. This allows UitzendWerk Direct to quickly identify suitable candidates.
  • Quick Filling of Open Shifts: There is a time saving of 80% in filling open shifts. Often, these shifts are filled within 5-10 minutes. There is no longer a need to call or figure out which skills a candidate has.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Employees highly appreciate Shiftbase. The tool makes everything transparent and offers them the freedom to pick shifts of their choice. When they correctly register their worked hours, these are verified more quickly. Employees also benefit from weekly payments.
  • Efficient Reporting: The reporting functions are very efficient. For certain clients, monthly reports of the worked shifts are sent, which are then used for invoicing.

"Shiftbase has enabled us to scale to the number of employees we now have. This growth would not have been achieved with only Excel and Google Calendar," -Daniel Hop Conclusion

Shiftbase has helped UitzendWerk Direct in scaling their business, saving time, and streamlining processes. "The open shifts and the reports have helped us the most. And that API link is great! Shiftbase is simple, efficient, and very user-friendly," concludes Daniël, who rates Shiftbase an 8.5 and looks forward to further integrations in the future.

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