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Timesheet template in Excel

Excel is used by many companies to keep track of the hours worked by their employees. A time attendance sheet can easily be adjusted to the wishes of any user. To simplify time tracking even further and to bridge the gap until you can switch to Shiftbase, we offer you this free time tracking template.

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Based on contract hours

Within the template, the contract hours of employees can be filled in. These hours will be a baseline for the time-attendance calculation. By filling in the worked hours, sickness, national holidays and vacations the template automatically calculates whether the input it matches the employees’ contract hours.

  • Calculates based on contract hours

  • Automatically calculates plus and minus hours

Excel shifts

Has the overview that you need

The overview also provides you with a short summary of the key performance indicators of your employees. This makes it easy to see what the current status of your employees is, and when needed it makes it easy to take actions.

  • Shows key performance indicators

  • Know what you are up to

Excel select shift

Easy to adjust

The Excel template is easy to expand with additional employees. You can also duplicate the tab to create additional months. The built-in rules make it easy to see which fields you are able to adjust and which not. This way you get a perfect fit for every employee.

  • Easy to expand in time

  • Perfect fit for every employee

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