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Time card in Excel

Excel is used by many companies to keep track of the hours worked by their employees. A time attendance sheet can easily be adjusted to the wishes of any user. To simplify time tracking even further and to bridge the gap you until you can switch to Shiftbase, we offer you this free employee schedule template.

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Monthly timesheet

Within the template, a timesheet can be created for a month. The dates of the grid are easy to change; by adjusting the first date of the month, the following dates are automatically adjusted. When a month is over, you have a good idea of where your employees are at.

  • Create a monthly timesheet

  • Dates are automatically adjusted

Excel shifts

Calculates for you

The timesheet template automatically calculates the total hours worked for an employee. This calculation is based on multiple indicators which are automatically calculated by the input that you provide.

  • Fully automated calculations

  • Easy to use

Excel select shift

Easy to adjust

The Excel template is easy to expand with additional employees. You can also add additional months by duplicating the tabs as needed. This way, you can have all your attendance in one file. Don’t forget to back it up!

  • Easy to expand through time

  • Keep your data organized in one file

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