The benefits of a time clock app

Hours worked can be tracked in several ways. Most companies and organizations keep track of the hours worked on paper, which is later entered into Excel and sent to the accountant. This process could become a lot easier with less chance of errors. With Shiftbase, working hours can be recorded and easily passed on to the accountant or payroll software.

Timesheet Manual

Manually recording working hours

With Shiftbase there are a few ways to keep track of the hours worked. Employees can manually add hours to the timesheet via the mobile app or desktop. Another possibility is for the manager to add them manually for the employees.

  • All time registrations in a single application

  • Working hours are displayed in a nice overview

Prikklok terminal

Easy time tracking with a time clock

More and more companies see the benefits of clocking employees’ working hours. The clocked times are automatically sent to your Shiftbase account. Corrections are made automatically such as rounding off the start and end time, breaks, and surcharge calculation. As a result, the risk of errors is minimized.

  • Easiest way of time tracking

  • Round off hours worked automatically

The benefits of a time clock app

  • All working hours in a single application

  • A clear overview of all hours worked

  • Data can be easily exported

  • Automated rules for time registration

Shiftbase Timesheet Day
Shiftbase Mobile Timesheet Overview

Manage time registrations on the go

Shiftbase’s free mobile app allows employees and executives to view recorded working hours on the go. Managers even have the possibility to adjust and (dis)approve registered working hours.

  • Insight in hours worked on the go

  • See who’s clocked in in real-time

  • View current labor costs

  • Easy (dis)approving of hours