The benefits of time tracking software

Many companies still track their worked hours in a spreadsheet, a time-consuming task. To keep a clear overview and prevent errors, you can track time with our cloud-based time registration software. With our timesheet software, logging hours for employees can be done by means of a time registration sheet or physical time clocking using the time clock or in our mobile app!

Clocking in Shiftbase

Clocking-in and clocking-out

Hours worked can be recorded by means of our clock-in and clock-out features. Clocking can be done using our mobile app, a desktop computer, or time clock. By making use of clocking, you can see which employees are working in real-time, and what the current wage costs are.

  • Clocking in from anywhere you want

  • Clocking in based on GPS location or IP-address

  • Automatically round clock times

  • Automatically clock out after a set period of time

Manual timesheet ShiftBase

Manual registrations

Worked hours can be registered manually via a desktop computer or from within the mobile app. Once a registration has been saved, it will be visible in the time registration sheet where hours can be adjusted and approved.

Automatically copy from the schedule

In the settings, you can choose to have hours copied from the timesheet to the time registration automatically. Saving employees form adding hours themselves. A supervisor can adjust the registered hours if there has been a deviation from the schedule.

Online time tracking software

  • Automatic rounding

  • Automatic calculation of breaks

  • Automatic surcharge calculation

  • Automatically clocking out

Shiftbase Timesheet Day
Plus and minus hours ShiftBase

Plus and minus hours

Plus and minus hours are the hours worked and absent, when compared to contractual hours. This balance is automatically tracked and changed with each modification. The manual calculation of plus and minus hours is something of the past with Shiftbase!

  • Plus and minus hours are calculated automatically

  • Plus and minus hours overview per day and cumulative

Surcharges ShiftBase


Surcharges can be easily managed in the system so that they fit in with your collective labour agreement or business rules. After the surcharges are set, the software will automatically calculate the surcharges per shift in the schedule. This saves you time and you immediately have a specific overview of the personnel costs.

  • Automatic calculation of irregularity allowances

  • Fits in with your collective labour agreement or business rules

Timesheets in Shiftbase

Approving hours

All worked hours are displayed in the software and can be approved at any time from a desktop computer, or in the mobile app.

Closing the day

The moment all registered hours have been checked, the day can be closed. At that time, no more hours can be added and adjusted. Only employees who have the correct permissions to start a day can still make changes.

  • Check worked hours from a clear overview

  • Approving hours from your desktop PC or in the mobile app


The software supports the use of multiple locations. Access rights can be set by employee or location.


The software contains several reports and integrations that can be used for remunerating employees.


When an overlapping service or absence is registered it will be indicated by a conflict notice.