Time attendance

Online time attendance with easy to use software

Our time attendance system reduces the risk of errors

Time attendance for your employees

Time attendance software is used by many companies to record hours worked and absences. Shiftbase’s software provides you with a complete solution to keep track of this.

Time attendance software

By using online time attendance software you always have an up-to-date overview time registration. Working hours can be recorded manually, or by clocking using a punch clock. Because the hours worked are tracked online, the recorded hours can be viewed in real-time on a computer or in the mobile app.

Straight-forward time registration

Time registration overview always accessible

Registration by location

The benefits of clocking

By clocking working hours, automatic rounding and calculations can take place.

Round off

Working hours can be rounded off automatically based on the schedule or a certain interval.


Break times can be automatically recorded using break rules.


Irregularity surcharges can be calculated automatically using so called surcharge cards.


Clocking in with a keychain or finger-scan

There are several clock-in systems available. For example, working hours can be clocked using a finger-scan or keychain. Furthermore, there are terminals equipped with GPRS which makes it easy to use the terminal in different locations. In addition to this, it is even possible to design the front of the terminal yourself so it fits in with the corporate identity of your company. All-time registration terminals are connected via the Internet and transmit all data directly to the software. This gives you real-time insight into the current labor costs, plus and minus hours, and you are sure that employees are on site. With a time clock, you reduce the risk of errors and save time because hours worked do not have to be processed manually.

Clocking working hours with finger-scan

Clocking working hours with keychain

Punch clock paired with Shiftbase via GPRS, Wi-Fi or wired


Calculate surcharges

With Shiftbase, you can manage so called ‘surcharge cards’. In a surcharge card you can specify which surcharges apply per day and national holiday. Irregularity surcharges are then calculated automatically. Surcharge cards can be linked to contracts and shifts, so that the correct surcharge is always calculated.

Automatic irregularity surcharge calculation

Automatic holiday supplement calculation

Surcharge card can be linked to contracts and shifts


Mobile clocking

Working hours can be tracked with a smartphone. The advantage of clocking with an app, is that no equipment needs to be purchased. The clocked working hours and location are immediately visible within the application.

Based on Geolocation

In Shiftbase you can indicate from which location you can clock. If someone is outside this area, they cannot clocking. An exception can be created for managers.

Based on IP address

In some places a GPS signal is not possible, for example large factories. To be sure that employees are able to clock on location, it can be set that mobile clocking is based on an IP address. Employees can only clock in if their phone is connected to an authorized Wi-Fi network.

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