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The advantages of online timesheet software.

Many companies register the worked hours in an hour registration sheet in excel, a time consuming task. To keep a clear overview and prevent errors, you can register hours in our cloud-based time registration software. With the timesheet software, time registration for employees can be done by means of a time registration sheet or physical time clocking. By default, worked hours are copied from the work schedule, which saves time during manual registration. After the worked hours have been entered, the day can be approved. Because the staff can check their own registered hours, the chance of errors is reduced. In addition to manual time registration, the possibility is also available for employees to clock the working hours by means of a link with an physical time clock or through our mobile app. When clocking hours, the worked hours are automatically recorded including automatic break and surcharge calculation. Another advantage is that you can see the clocked in employees in real-time and keep track on how high the current personnel costs are.


Register hours easily.

With our online timesheet software you can register worked hours in different ways. This can be done by means of a time registration sheet, clocking in and out from the application or clocking via an online time clock. The different ways for time registration can be used in combination with each other.

Hour registration periodic overview.

Employees can book hours and shifts themselves via the mobile app. The timesheet registration can take place in two ways, for example by means of clocking in and out, or by manually registering the hours afterwards. When the hours of all employees are registered, the hours can be approved. This can be done by logging in to the application via the PC / Laptop or via the mobile iPhone or Android app.

week overview

Clocking in based on GPS-location or IP-address.

Determine from which locations employees can clock-in and clock-out with the mobile app or desktop application. The restrictions can be based on GPS-location and/or on the basis of IP-address. For example, if you set an IP-address, employees can only clock if they are connected to a WiFi hotspot on the given location.

mobile app

Manage irregularity allowances and public holiday allowances yourself.

Many companies use irregularity surcharges and / or allowances on public holidays. These allowances can easily be managed in the system, so that they fit in with your collective labor agreement or business rules. After the surcharges are set, the software will automatically calculate the surcharges per shift in the schedule. This saves you time and you immediately have a specific overview of the personnel costs.

Automatisch surcharge calculation

Hour registration

After all hours have been registered, they can be adjusted if necessary and be approved. The day then turns ‘green’ in the calendar, which means that the day has been checked and closed.

Personnel costs

When making use of clocking in and out, the current personnel costs and currently at work staff members can be followed real-time from anywhere using internet. Manual hour registration, via the timesheet in the software, also shows the personnel costs.

Round shift times

Working hours can be rounded off per 15, 5 or 1 minute(s). In addition, there is the possibility of correcting clocked times on the basis of the work schedule. For example: if an employee clocked in earlier than the scheduled time, then the scheduled time is recorded instead of the clocked time. In this way you can prevent hours from being recorded in which no work has been done.

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