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Many companies have employees with variable shifts. For these companies, it is important to have a good work schedule, so it is clear to all employees when they have to work. A workforce planning also provides insight into the availability, absence, and expected labor costs of employees.

Work schedule

Online work schedules with a mobile app for managers and employees

Time tracking

Keep track of employees’ working hours in one single application

Absence registration

A clear overview of the holiday hours and the absence of employees

Plus/minus hours

Plus/minus hours are automatically calculated for all employees


Keep a grip on your business with comprehensive reporting capabilities


Integrations available with POS systems and payrollers


Creating a workforce planning

Easily create work schedules for your business. Shiftbase allows you to make a planning that is based on availability and absence. The expected labor costs are shown while planning this way you will not only save time creating a schedule but also save on the labor costs of the employees.

Invite employees to work a shift

When planning, consider the weather forecast

Create a schedule based on the given availability


Record hours worked

Record the hours worked by the employees. This can be done by taking over the scheduled hours, that way they only need to be adjusted. You can also choose to let employees keep track of their hours worked themselves, with the approval of an executive. In addition to these two options, Shiftbase offers the ability to clock hours worked. This can be done with the mobile app or time clock on location. Irregularity surcharges are calculated automatically, as are the break times. All recorded hours can still be corrected at all times.

Record hours worked using a smartphone or a time clock

Your time registration in a single application

Automatic irregularity surcharge calculation


Eenvoudig online werkroosters maken en werktijden registreren

De voordelen van personeelsplanning software zijn bijvoorbeeld dat de beschikbaarheid en afwezigheid van personeel in het rooster wordt getoond. Ook zijn de verwachte personeelskosten en ingeroosterde uren zichtbaar, zodat de planner inzicht heeft in de bezetting. Doordat de software online draait, kan het personeel met de mobiele app of met de computer het werkrooster raadplegen.

The benefits of Shiftbase

Easily create workforce planning

Manage absence requests in a single system

Auto-overtime tracking

User-friendly time registration software

Workforce planning app

See the most up-to-date work schedule on the go in the workforce planning app.

Time tracking

Record the hours worked manually or by clocking in and out.

Absence registration

Let employees request their own absence and approve it in the mobile app.

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