6 tips to get more out of your staff

7 December 2021

6 tips to get more out of your staff

How do you ensure that staff is fully involved in your company? The employees are the heart of a successful company. What can you do as an employer to encourage your staff as positively as possible, so that less illness occurs, and the staff will work harder? In this article you will find tips to get more out of your staff.

1. Development

What does the employee's work environment look like? What are the duties of the staff member? Are they challenged enough to develop themselves? Courses are a way to motivate the staff and ensure that they stay on top of their game. Through courses, employees learn new skills that save time and costs.

2. Responsibility

Give an employee sufficient responsibility. When you are responsible for everything yourself, an employee will feel less involved with the company. Listen to staff to find out what tasks they would like to do. Change their schedule and tasks based on the interests of the employees.

3. Involvement

The key to good involvement is communication. Employees must feel involved with the subject and therefore with the company. Ensure that there is room for criticism, so that staff feels that they have a say and are being heard. See if there is room for new technology that saves time and costs. Discuss this as a team and not on your own as an employer or supervisor.

4. Evaluation

Make sure that there is a regular time when staff thinks about how things have gone over the past period. Was there less illness? Give them a compliment for that. Do you want the staff to work harder? Tell them this in a subtle way. Discuss the planning for the next period together and see when changes can be made. The key to good communication is the conversation within the company. Listen to staff to find out what motivation they have for their behaviour.

5. Talent

What would the staff themselves like to work on? What do they want to become more successful in? What does an employee have trouble with? Can you offer them training? Does he or she need support from the company? Is the employee not suitable for his own current position or would he like to progress to another position? Make room for improvement. Change the workspace to keep motivating staff.

6. Patience

Patience is needed for every change in life. People need space to get used to a situation. This works the same for staff. Don't be afraid to collect different ideas and try them. A solution is to have good communication and positive stimulation to get the most out of your staff.