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The pro's of a employee scheduling software?

Online scheduling software is increasingly being used for quickly creating fitting schedules. Nevertheless, there are still many planners who make a schedule in, for example, Excel. Although Microsoft Excel is a suitable system, it takes a lot of time to create a schedule and there are better solutions to make this task more efficient and easy.

The advantages of employee scheduling software are, for example, that the availability and absence of employees are shown in the schedule. The expected personnel costs and scheduled hours can also be made visible, so that the planner has all the tools needed to create the perfect schedule. Because the software runs online, the employees can easily view their work schedule with the mobile app or on the computer. By using recurring shifts, the planner can easily create a schedule for longer periods so that you do not have to make a new schedule every single week. Working with varying schedules and ever changing work times you can use open shifts and required shifts for quickly creating a fitting schedule.


Schedule recurring shifts.

Recurring shifts can be scheduled. Add one shift and make this shift recur for a specified period. This has the advantage that you can make a schedule template, which can be easily adjusted when needed. When scheduling recurring shifts, you can indicate on which days of the week shift is needed and to which date the shift has to occur.

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Cost effective employee scheduling

During planning, keep in mind the different available budgets.

open shift

Adding open shifts.

Open shifts are shifts that no employees are linked to. These shifts can be used to indicate which hours have to be scheduled, so that they can be assigned to an employee later on. Another way to use open shifts is to send employees an invitation for a particular shift. The planner determines which employees are invited, and they receive an email and push notification. The employee who wants to work the shift and confirms this first is automatically scheduled.

Shift exchange requests.

Employees can exchange shifts with the approval of the planner/manager. When an employee clicks on his own shift in the shift planning, an exchange request can be sent to selected employees. This can be done from the web application or mobile app. The invited employees immediately receive an email and a push notification with the exchange request. As soon as an employee indicates that he wants to take over the shift, a message is sent to the supervisor. As soon as the exchange request is approved, the shift is changed in the schedule.

exchange requests
required shifts warning

Required shifts.

It is possible to set the required occupation in the work schedule. With required shifts you can easily check whether the final schedule meets the desired occupancy. For example: You could indicate that exactly 6 evening shifts have to be scheduled on every friday. The shift counter shows if enough shifts have been planned or wether not enough employees have been scheduled in yet. The required shifts can be added via the plus in the area on the relevant day. It is also possible to add the required number of shifts simply by dragging the shift to the designated area.From the required shifts area, you can easily drag the shift directly to the employee, so it is easy to generate a fitting schedule.On the basis of the shift counter in the required shifts (green / red) it is indicated whether the schedule meets the set criteria.

Send employee schedule

After the work schedule has been created, it can be shared with the employees by email and/or push notification. The schedule can be sent to manually selected employees or to a complete team at once.

Agenda feed

By using the iCal link, the planned schedules and agenda can be automatically synchronized with Google Calendar, MS Outlook or iCal.

Publish work schedules

In the application you can use the "publish" button to make the schedules available to employees. After publishing, employees can access their schedules via the desktop version or mobile app.

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