The benefits of employee scheduling software

Employee scheduling software is increasingly used to create work schedules. Making a planning takes a lot of time and is often a complicated task. By using our planning software you can easily and quickly create work schedules with a grip on the expected costs.

Schedule ShiftBase

Create a schedule easily and quickly

With Shiftbase you can easily set up (repeating) shifts. You can create standard shifts, which can be dragged and dropped into the schedule. In addition, shifts can also be added in the schedule, where the standard services are customizable.

Recurring shifts

Recurring shifts can be scheduled. Add one shift and make this shift recur for a specified period. This has the advantage that you can make a schedule template, which can be easily adjusted when needed. When scheduling recurring shifts, you can indicate on which days of the week shift is needed and to which date the shift has to occur.

  • Drag and drop shifts

  • Recurring shifts

  • Multiple timesheet views


Employees can indicate their availability via the mobile app or desktop PC. The indicated availability is reflected in the work schedule, so the planner can easily take this into account. In addition, a supervisor can also enter the availability of colleagues. This is useful when employees themselves are unable to provide their availability.

Availability reminders

The software is provided with the ability to automatically send availability reminders. This is useful in case employees have not yet provided their availability. This way the planner does not need to keep asking the employees for their availability.

  • A clear overview of the available employees

  • Automatically send availability reminders

Open shifts

With open shifts you can send employees an invitation for a particular shift. The planner determines which employees are invited, and they receive an email and push notification. The employee who wants to work the shift and confirms this first is automatically scheduled.

  • Inviting employees to take a shift

  • Let employees schedule their own shifts

Required shifts

It is possible to set the required occupation in the work schedule. For example: You could indicate the minimum, maximum or exact number of shifts that have to be scheduled. With required shifts you can easily check whether the final schedule meets the desired occupancy.

  • A schedule that always meets the set criteria

  • Clear overview of the shifts to be planned


In the scheduling, the absences per employee are visible. This allows the planner to easily take into account all absences. Each absence is displayed in a color that is associated with the absence type.

  • Absences are displayed in the work schedule

  • Every absence is shown in its own colour

Scheduling employees in Shiftbase

  • Easy to use thanks too drag and drop shift

  • Employees have access to the newest schedule

  • Features a lot of possibilities

  • Free to use app for iPhone and Android devices

Shiftbase employee schedule

All the advantages of using Shiftbase

Below you will find an overview of the main functions of our employee scheduling software

Open shifts

Invite employees to take over open shifts, by emailing them anding sending a push notification.

Required shifts

Specify the shifts that the timesheet must meet per day. This way you always meet the desired occupancy.


Let employees specify their own availability so that the planner can easily create a work schedule.

Shift exchange

Let employees exchange shifts between themselves. This can be with or without the approval of the planner.


Create an employee schedule based on skills. These skills can be linked to shifts and employees.


View the weather forecast in the schedule so that you can easily adjust the occupancy based on the circumstances.

Drag and Drop

You can easily make changes in the timesheet by dragging and dropping shifts in the employee schedule,


Easily publish employee schedules, and share them by email or push notification with your employees.


Take a look at all absences in an overview of the employee schedule, and keep this in mind when planning.

My employee schedule

Easily schedule shifts on the go

With the mobile app, you have insight into the employee schedule. In the app you are able to adjust the shifts in the schedule on the go. It also shows how many shifts are still open and exchange requests can get a Go or No Go.

  • View the overall schedule

  • Specify availability

  • Link via iCal possible

  • Scheduling shifts

  • Accept exchange requests

  • View open shifts