7 December 2021

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Why online personnel administration has many advantages

The personnel file; An important part of most entrepreneurs, but not always their favorite. With the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), cabinets full of folders with personal data of your employees are a thing of the past. What are the benefits of the new way of personnel administration, or e-HRM?

An important part of most entrepreneurs, but not always their favorite.

Protecting personal data / Complying with legislation
With an online system you can keep track of personnel administration and it is easy to comply with the newly drafted AVG legislation. Data is password protected, you can easily monitor who has access to the data and the chance of data breaches is reduced.

Document record retention and destruction
Personnel administration consists of privacy-sensitive personal data of your employees. When this data is stored online, it is possible to specifically monitor how this is done and it is often possible to automatically set when data should be destroyed. The destruction of data ensures the security and compliance with the new legislation.

Accessibility and security via Cloud
As indicated, it is possible to properly monitor who has access to the data through an online system. A password is required for each user, which increases security and the chance that a unauthorized person enters the system is small. Cloud servers these days are very well protected and the chance of an online data leak is therefore small, provided that a good and trusted system is chosen.

Time and expenses
Being able to save, retrieve, destroy or modify data with one click means that this saves time and money. No more paper, cabinets full of paper, duplicate data and security issues. No physical space is taken up and all data is immediately available.

Involvement of employees
When personnel data is stored online, this often means that a system or mobile app is available that shows employees direct access to their own data, absence data, vacation status and overtime. Providing insight into all this data is workable for the involvement and satisfaction of employees. Transparency can help in many cases.